Here is my best friend and me!

My awesome mom

I love my mom. I sometimes back talk my mom but I don’t do it much. My mom always picks me up from school. She cleans for me, she helps me… She does everything for me that I cannot do or can do or anything. She takes me to do almost anything for my BIRTHDAY. It’s so nice of her to be the best my in the world. She is awesome. I can’t live without her at all. I LOVE MY MOM! SHE IS THE BEST MOM N THE WORLD!!! I also want to spend more time with my mom and do something with her. She cares about me a lot. I love when she says, “I don’t feel good, will you help me do some things?” I always say ” Yes mom I will.” I hate when we get mad at each other though!!! I LOVE MY MOM SHE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Can you tell me about your mom? Do you want to hang out with her? I LOVE MY MOM WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! BEST MOM EVER!!

Camping this summer!!!

YAY!!! I am going camping this summer. I think.

So what I want to do this summer when I go camping I want to…

Go swimming and have lots of campfires and make our camper look very awesome. I cannot wait to go camping. I am making my bed like I have never made it before at all! I love going camping… Once we had a campfire and I think my cousins came with us and we went to bed with the camp fire food out and a raccoon came and ate our food. It was crazy!!!
Our camper is red though on the picture it is not. Our camper has some carpets and there is one by each bed. I think we are going on June 12 or 15 this year. We were going to sell it because we need to get more money. The reason why we need more money is because we are moving but we are going to still be at this school. But we are not going to sell it.


That you for reading!


Did you ever go camping?

Can you tell me about the trip?


Do you want to go camping?

The people I love

I love my best friend Anaya. She is funny, nice, an all-nighter (like me), slushy lover (sooo like me!), cookie person, hates bees, ,sleepover person (like I said already,hates bees, (who does like bees). She is the person who understands me. We have so much in common that we like each other so much! We want to get a friendship necklace for three because of my other best friend. Her name is Jeneve. She is  wonderful also. Anaya is awesome and so is Jeneve. They always hangout with me and we always love calling each other. In the summer we are going to set up a drink store. (That will be awesome.) Everybody will want to come because if they are running they probably will get hot and want to drink lemonade. That’s what we are doing this summer. They are always there for me. I LOVE MY BEST FRIENDS!!!

Do you have  a best friend?

Do you have more than one best friend?

The Story of the Palace Kitties


Once upon a time there was a kitty and another kitty who never met before. They both loved rolling up in toilet paper.

They bumped into each other one day and one said, “Hello kitty. How are you? Do you like rolling up into toilet paper?”

The other kitty said, “Yes are you a prince? I am a princess.”

The boy said “Yes I am.”

She said to the prince, “Awesome. I could have a happy ending with you.”

The prince kitty said to the other kitty, “Well, if want me to I would, princess.”

They went on and on walking somewhere where the princess was taking the boy.

The princess said “Close your eyes and you will openn when I say. Do you understand me prince?”

So the little kitty prince said, “Of course I will close my eyes just for you little kitty princess.”

The princess said to the prince, “What is you name prince?”

The prince said to the princess, “My name is Jack. What is your name princess?”

Well, the lovely princess said, “My name is Jasmine. Now open your eyes,” said the princess.  

So Jack opened his eyes and said, “WOW IS THIS YOUR HOME?”

Jasmine said. “Oh yes and you might live in it with me.

And the cat said, “Are we getting married?”

Well the little kitty said to Jack, “Well, if you would like we so could. Do you want to?”  

” Oh yes that would be wonderful!” said Jack.  In two hours they were getting ready for the wedding.  Jasmine jumped out and said, “YAY it is time to get married!” Jack came out in a tuxedo and went to the wedding and got married and lived till the end.

My happiness quote

¨Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
-Dalai Lama

I picked this quote because it is really true because it really is not just ready made at all. You can choose to be happy or mad or sad or anything you can chose. I picked this quote because of that so it is one true thing in life that you will always know and have.

Thank you for reading this.

Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader from Tibet.

Thing that make me happy

Things that make me happy!

One thing is that makes me happy is my family because the are my only thing I worry about.

Another thing is my dog Sumo he has been my bog since I was a baby.

Also what makes me happy is my other dog Sky. She is my brother’s dog and also has been with my when I was a baby and wh

One other thing is madison my friend makes me happy she is really funny that is why.

Those are the most things that make me happy. Thanks for reading!!!

How to ride a bike.

This is how you ride a bike.  First, you need a helmet. Then, you need someone to help you.  Next, you get on your bike and grab the steering wheel. Then  the person who is helping you will grab the seat in the back and, you will start riding. Then, the person who is helping you will walk behind you still holding on to the bike soon they will let go and you will be able to ride your bike. That`s how.

Did you learn how to ride a bike?

Will you tell me when you learned how and how you learned?

My amazing DAD

My dad I have loved forever and ever. I always knew he would be there for me.  I hope some day we can go out  some time. We never go out that is why. When ever I am hurt he runs out for me. He always sticks up for me. When I was getting bullied he would want to talk to who ever did it. When I was learning how to ride my bike he would catch me if I would fall.  A dad only needs a kiss and a hug for leaving or going to bed. I LOVE MY DAD!!!!!!

Great wolf lodge

When I went to Great wolf  lodge this is what I did… I got there and I put down all my stuff. I got on my bathing suit. I waited for my family. Then I went down stairs and went to the pool and jumped in. I went on this slide that was yellow. It was so, so fast. I went with my brother and dad. When we went on I almost fell off. It had water on the top dripping down. In the pool it has some  basketball hoops. When I went back to my  room I went on the bunk bed . Then I went back downstairs and looked at the shop. From the shop I got so many rocks. 

I went on a green slide and you have to go with one person.

It was so scary. I called for my brother. That was how scary it was for me.

Have you ever gone to Great Wolf Lodge?

Can you tell me about your trip there?

If you have not been there, can you tell me another trip you have gone on?

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